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USA Weightlifting’s coach education courses have been the gold standard for training coaches in weightlifting and strength training for over 35 years. 

We’ve proudly served thousands of sport coaches, trainers, and military personnel in teaching them how to optimize lifting technique, reduce injury potential, and implement proven training systems.

The sport of weightlifting is an excellent tool to improve all aspects of physical health including physique, dynamic stability, sport performance, and protection against injury. Weightlifting is also proven to be effective at managing depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety, while improving confidence, increasing bone density, and creating a sense of empowerment. The skills, techniques, and strength gained through training can transform your health, fitness, and outlook on life. 

USAW Coaching Certification Courses

As the national governing body for the sport of weightlifting, USA Weightlifting (USAW) is the most trusted resource for weightlifting knowledge and education.  Our USA Weightlifting Level 1 and Level 2 Coach Certification courses are the perfect blend of hands-on learning, proven teaching progressions, and science-based programming to support athletes across all ages and ability levels. Our Level 2 course is nationally accredited, a rare distinction earned in the strength and conditioning space.  Our courses were thoughtfully created by an interdisciplinary group of top USAW coaches, experienced educators, university professors, and champion weightlifters. Invest in your career and in your athletes by signing up for one of our courses and learning from the experts in weightlifting.

  • Host a Course
    USA Weightlifting

    Host a Course

    Already certified? Sign up to host a course at your facility and earn valuable course rebates.

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  • Level 1 Coaches Course
    USA Weightlifting

    Level 1 Coaching Certification Course

    • Learn how to perform and teach major strength exercises using proven USAW Teaching Progressions 
    • Train beginner athletes and access exclusive USAW programming templates
    • Effectively communicate with athletes to correct technique 
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  • Coach Clinic
    USA Weightlifting

    Level 2 Coaching Certification Course

    • Dive deep into biomechanics of technique
    • Elevate your in-competition coaching skills
    • Create programming for advanced athletes in any sport
    • Explore the science of training and learn the art of communicating 
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