Women in Weightlifting Club

    At the suggestion of one of our amazing members, we are launching a club for female athletes who are currently unaffiliated i.e. athletes who are not working with a coach or team currently.

    1. This "club" is available for anyone to join and is called "women in weightlifting" in BARS should you request to join the club. A couple of things to note about this team.

    2. This is meant to provide unaffiliated athletes with a network of coaches who are willing/interested in helping count for athletes at local and national events.

    3. This club will be open to any coaches who wish to become admins so that they can contact the affiliated athletes ahead of meets to find out if they need assistance with event coaching OR

    4. To connect with affiliated athletes who are interested in shadowing at events to learn more about backroom coaching.

    5. This is a club that is meant to be pass-through club in the sense that if you join a new team your membership will then be transferred to that club. An athlete who wishes to leave this club to join another will not require a release and will be transferred to the new club immediately as if the athlete was unaffiliated. The usual hold period for club transfer does not apply to members of the women in weightlifting club. 

    6. This is not a team for athletes that are a part of an existing club or that have an existing coach.

    7. All coaches who become admins will not be able to claim any coaching credit for athlete performances if they are affiliated with the "women in weightlifting" club as again this club is meant to provide a community and a space for learning and not to serve as a traditional weightlifting "team."

    If you are an interested coach who wishes to be an admin please email usaw@usaweightlifting.org. If you are an athlete who wishes to join please log into BARS to request a transfer from unaffiliated to "women in weightlifting."

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