University Programs

Qualification for the university nationals as it has been in the past with the addition of the requirement to compete at an NUQ. NUQ's can be hosted by any collegiate team or if a collegiate athletes competes at a state championships. There will also be a virtual option available in January.  

The purpose of NUQ events is to promote intercollegiate competition to help strengthen future applications to the NCAA emerging sport program i.e. we have to show there is a need and a population that is participating in collegiate level events. 

University National Qualification

  • Maximum age: 25
  • Currently enrolled in 1 credit hour or more OR
  • Graduated within 1 year of the competition
  • Collegiate eligibility in BARS ex. transcript 
  • NUQ event or LWC state championship participation 

Athletes who would like to be contacted by university teams may complete the recruitment form HERE

Teams are not required to respond to inquiries and athletes are encouraged to reach out directly to teams if a response is not received in a timely manner. 

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