2024 Team Leader Applications Now Live

The USA Weightlifting High Performance Team is looking for volunteers to fill team leader positions for 2024 international events.

The minimum requirements to serve as a team leader are:

  • Must have a valid United States of America passport (valid a minimum of 6 months after competition you are applying for)
  • Must have a current background screen (clear) and SafeSport certification
  • Must be a current member of USA Weightlifting in good standing, with no code violations within the last 4 years

Preferred qualifications:

  • Previous international experience as an athlete, coach and/or team leader
  • Previous experience leading teams
  • Ability to speak the primary language of competition locations
  • Activity in weightlifting

List of 2024 Competitions Available for team leader positions:

  • 2024 IWF World Youth Championships – Lima, PER – May 22-26, 2024
  • 2024 IWF World Junior Championships – Leon, ESP – September 19-27, 2024
  • 2024 IWF World Championships – Manama, BRN – TBD Nov/Dec
  • 2024 Pan American Youth Championships – Date and location TBD
  • 2024 Pan American Junior Championships – Date and location TBD

Team Leader Job Description:

Below is an outline of what is required to be a team leader. Please read through this before submitting your interest form.


  • Must have the ability to download WhatsApp to cellphone as it will be the official communication for the delegation.
  • Check with the Director of National Team Operations if a USA flag and national anthem recording are required to be brought with the delegation.
  • Ensure you have a major credit card for emergencies.
  • Familiarize with the destination country, re: geography, customs, currency, temperatures, altitude, converter requirements, etc. Embassies and Consulates in USA can be useful as are public libraries and major airlines. Get maps of cities and the country.
  • Obtain currency of the country you are traveling to.
  • Communicate with the Senior Director of Sport Performance to discuss team status


  • Supervise baggage claim and handle any problems there, if the team arrives on separate flights have a plan in place to make sure any problems are resolved smoothly.
  • Supervise passport control and customs clearance, if the team arrives on separate flights have a plan in place to make sure any problems are resolved smoothly.
  • Coordinate with organizing committee reception for personnel and baggage transportation to hotel accommodations.
  • At hotel, arrange accreditation, room groups, and meal tickets for all delegation members.
  • Supervise room move in and settle any problems, organize a list of all room numbers in case of emergencies.
  • Obtain the training hall, transportation, and mealtime schedule from the organizing committee.
  • Locate and inform team of scale, sauna, training hall and competition venue locations if not made available before the competition.
  • Ensure that you have agendas for appropriate meetings at event and any other appropriate paperwork necessary for the competition.
  • If the training schedule allows, make sure all delegation members attend the opening ceremonies (in Team USA outfitting), except those competing on the day immediately after.
  • Locate the nearest source of clean drinking water (with team dietician if present).


  • Assist coaches with weigh-ins (check that athlete has credential, passport, warm-up suit, USA singlet, and any items needed post weigh in).
  • Arrange availability of food and drinks following weigh-in (if team dietician is not present on trip).
  • Attend scheduled training sessions if head coaches cannot due to another athlete competing. Communicate with head coaches if any lift data is to be collected from training.
  • Ensure competitors are accompanied to doping control and that paperwork is correctly completed and witnessed (if the athlete does not have a personal coach to go with them). Retain the receipt.
  • Accompany or arrange for accompaniment of competitors to press conference if USA required (if member of USA Weightlifting Communications is not present).
  • After each session where an athlete from USA has competed, take a picture of the score board and send via WhatsApp to the Director of National Team Operations.


  • Get copy of start list and groups as well as any other relevant information after the VFE.
  • Once the final start list has been released, organize a team meeting to review the final schedule before the competition, establish ground rules, stress team discipline, and group support for lifters on competition day. Allow other staff members (head coaches, dietician, medical staff, etc) to make any announcements necessary to the team.
  • Arrange for boxed lunches or meals, if appropriate, for competition days. Check with each athlete, or team dietician if present, if a box lunch is required.
  • Confirm transportation to the airport for delegation members with the organizing committee.
  • Make sure, after the finish of competition, all remaining athletes, coaches and staff attend the closing ceremonies (dressed in Team USA warm-up suits). If any awards are presented ensure the appropriate athletes represent Team USA to receive the award.
  • Every evening, collaborate with head coaches/support staff to create a schedule for the next day. Make sure it is delivered via WhatsApp to the whole delegation (Preferably before 10pm if current days schedule allows).
  • Any other items that may arise in conversations with the Senior Director of Sport Performance or Director of National Team Operations.

Returning to the U.S.:

  • Return (or shred) any confidential information (i.e. passports, insurance cards, etc) that you received for the trip to the Director of National Team Operations.
  • Relay an unsolved or concerning issues from the competition to the Director of National Team Operations.
  • Submit any receipts for reimbursement or general documentation to the Director of National Team Operations.

Please submit your team leader interest form application no later than Thursday December 21 by 5PM MT.

If you have any questions prior to submitting your application, please email Lorene.halford@usaweightlifting.org.

Please Note: not everyone who submits an interest form will be selected for a team leader position.