Therabody becomes the Official Percussive Therapy Partner of USA Weightlifting

by USA Weightlifting

March 3, 2021 (Colorado Springs, CO) -- USA Weightlifting is excited to welcome Therabody as our Official Sponsor of Percussive Therapy. The global innovator and creator of the tech wellness category becomes a trusted brand partner who shares our dedication and commitment to the holistic wellbeing of weightlifting athletes. As the national governing body for the Olympic sport of weightlifting, USA Weightlifting is the authority on strength sport in the United States and adds Therabody’s solutions to our athletic programming and protocols.

Therabody is the creator of the world’s first-ever percussive therapy device, Theragun®, which is used to accelerate recovery, help to prevent injuries, and improve athletic performance. Since its launch in 2016, Theragun has evolved to Therabody, an ecosystem of industry-leading wellness products and solutions that are at the intersection of performance and pain management, rooted in research and innovation. 

Therabody’s research-backed devices, such as the Theragun PRO, will be integrated into USA Weightlifting members' training and recovery, optimizing performance as they aim to represent the United States on weightlifting stages around the world.

“Supporting all levels of athleticism is core to who we are,” explains Dr. Jason Wersland, Founder and Chief Wellness Officer of Therabody. “The members of the weightlifting team are known for pushing the limits of their bodies and recovery is critical in this process. I’m excited to not only be developing the team’s training and recovery program but to also be collaborating on a specific protocol that can be used by weightlifting athletes across the globe.”

“In addition to stretching, I use my Theragun to prepare my body for intense training sessions,” said Mattie Sasser, who has represented the U.S. in international competitions. “I also use it to relieve tension after heavy lifting days, so I’m ready for my next workout.”

The partnership between Therabody and USA Weightlifting will lead with education, providing a deep understanding on how to best optimize recovery and overall wellness.  As part of this commitment, USA Weightlifting-certified coaches will have the opportunity to attend Therabody University, the company’s educational division led by Dr. Jason Wersland and his world-renowned team of health and fitness professionals, to ensure their athletes optimal recovery. Therabody’s education team will also provide high performance consulting during the team’s upcoming Tokyo Prep Camp in March, helping to optimize the team’s overall performance, as well as work with USA Weightlifting to develop a co-branded weightlifting protocol that will live on both Therabody University and USA Weightlifting’s Certification Platform.

“USA Weightlifting is proud to have Therabody’s innovative solutions available to athletes at every level of our sport,” said USA Weightlifting CEO, Phil Andrews. “Recovery is key to any weightlifting program, and success on the platform is contingent on it. We look forward to implementing our co-branded weightlifting protocol that will easily integrate Therabody’s technology and solutions into our athlete’s routines, optimize performance, and improve overall wellness.”

At USA Weightlifting’s national events, athletes will have access to Theragun devices in the training hall, recovery, and mobility area. USA Weightlifting’s team of medical professionals will be trained to use Therabody’s products to enhance recovery in the Athlete Services presented by Therabody medical area. Therabody’s smart devices seamlessly integrate via Bluetooth with the Therabody App, providing users with access to personalized, guided protocols and programs.

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About Therabody

Theragun® was created in 2008 and officially launched in 2016 by chiropractor Dr. Jason Wersland after suffering a life-altering injury. Building on over a decade of research and development, the brand's gold standard Theragun Percussive Massage Therapy devices use proprietary state-of-the-art technology to effectively reduce muscle tension, accelerate recovery, and improve performance. Theragun is the most trusted percussive massage therapy device among professional sports teams, professional athletes, celebrities, world-renowned trainers, physical therapists, and people in more than 60 countries. In 2020, Theragun rebranded to Therabody™, continuing its mission to provide natural wellness solutions through innovation in the percussive massage therapy space, developing and introducing the first of its kind Smart Percussive Therapy™ technology, seamlessly connecting to the Therabody app via Bluetooth®. For more information on Therabody’s latest products and to stay up to date on company news, visit and follow the brand on social media via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The Therabody app is available for download for iOS on the Apple App Store and for Android on the Google Play Store.

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