USA Weightlifting Partners With VersaLifts, Official Shoe Insert And Squat Depth Partner

by USA Weightlifting

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- USA Weightlifting today announced VersaLifts as its Official Shoe Insert and Squat Depth Partner.

The maker of ½” heel lift inserts, among other products, VersaLifts is a family-owned company dedicated to helping athletes worldwide meet their fitness goals.

“We are thrilled to partner with VersaLifts and hope our members are able to take advantage of the versatility of VersaLifts’ heel lift inserts to keep lifting no matter where they may be in their lifting journey,” USA Weightlifting CEO Matt Sicchio said.

The idea for VersaLifts was born in 2015 when Iowa-based CrossFit trainer Shane Rothlisberger was eager to improve his pistol squats. With the help of wife and cofounder Michelle Rothlisberger, Shane eventually solved his own problem along with that of countless fellow lifters. Since selling 15 pairs of heel lifts in their first month of business, the Rothlisbergers have gone on to distribute thousands of pairs throughout the United States and to more than 30 countries.

“It’s an honor to launch this new partnership with USA Weightlifting,” VersaLifts owner and cofounder Shane Rothlisberger said. “We’re continually inspired by the USAW community, whether it’s those daring to pick up a barbell for the first time, or the elite athletes who have brought home Olympic medals, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to provide simple and effective gear to help each individual on their strength journey.”

With options designed for endurance and strength, VersaLifts’ heel lifts are a widely used tool to help improve squat form and range of motion. The inserts provide stability and support for athletes who may not have access to traditional weightlifting shoes, or who are looking to add heel-to-toe drop to their current training shoes. They are also frequently used by strength and conditioning coaches to avoid using plates as heel lift alternatives.

Graphic that reads USA Weightlifting now partnering with VersaLifts (Photo by USA Weightlifting)

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Through simple, innovative product development and distribution, we seek to empower individuals and fitness communities to overcome growth barriers and limitations due to mobility restrictions. Learn more at

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