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USA Weightlifting Establishes Masters Community Task Force

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (September 12, 2023) – USA Weightlifting took decisive action today to engage the voices of masters athletes in shaping the future of USAW’s service to them. USAW announced the creation of a Masters Community Task Force composed of masters members and charged with making recommendations to USAW by the end of the year. 

The Task Force of seven individuals is comprised of masters athletes, coaches, and officials representing a range of ages and experience in weightlifting who either reached out to USAW directly to offer assistance with our masters community or are involved in other volunteerism within USAW. They will listen and learn from masters members about their experiences and how USAW can better serve this community of more than 5,000 USAW members aged 35 and above. The group is supported by At-Large Director Michael Choi who will serve as USAW Board of Directors liaison, and JP Nicoletta, USA Weightlifting Director of Sport Development, as staff liaison.

“For too long, a small group of people have represented the voice of our masters members often from a perspective of discord and disconnect with USAW stemming from a bygone era,” said Nicoletta. “With the engagement of this Task Force, USAW is taking a different approach. The Task Force has been asked to be forward-looking, invite input from all sectors of our masters membership, and truly reflect the whole of the masters community, not just the interests of a select few. This is an exciting time for USA Weightlifting and our masters community.”

The Task Force, whose work begins immediately, will survey USAW’s masters members and develop specific recommendations to be delivered to the USAW CEO and operations team. Its main focuses include recommendations for masters-focused membership benefits, a more inclusive approach to masters governance and the Masters Committee, and pathways to international competition with USAW’s new partnership with the United Masters Weightlifting Federation (UMWF). 

“Speaking directly to our masters members, this is a great opportunity for you to engage with us at the governance level about how we can best serve you and how you would like to see the sport improve and grow,” USA Weightlifting CEO Matt Sicchio said. “We are grateful to the volunteers who agreed to serve on the Task Force. We look forward to hearing from you and reporting back to you on the Task Force’s recommendations.” 

The Task Force members include a vast array of members spanning many generations. Members include:

  • Aaron Bass, 43
  • Robert Gallup, 65
  • Kurt Roderick, 43
  • Lauren Hatmaker, 52
  • Neil Kanterman, 52
  • Christina Brockington, 38
  • Anna Martin, 44

You can share your thoughts with the Task Force by emailing