USAW Announces New Masters Committee

COLORADO SPRINGS - USA Weightlifting today announced the new masters council. The seven electees represent five states and will each serve two-year terms. The four at-large winners beat out over 50 others for their seats, while the athlete reps won over nearly 30 others. The newly elected members will be seated immediately and will work with USAW Board liaison Michael Choi and USAW Staff liaison JP Nicoletta. 

"Congratulations to all seven electees,” said Matt Sicchio, CEO & President of USA Weightlifting. “We’re excited to work with the newly seated masters council to continue growing USA Weightlifting and enhancing the experience of our masters members. We had a wonderful time hosting over 500 athletes at the Masters National Championships in Reno, and we look forward to continuing to serve and tap into the passion of our masters community."

“We are thrilled to get started with this new group of leaders to drive the experience and enjoyment of weightlifting for our masters community,” said JP Nicoletta, Director of Sport Development. “This new council has a mix of senior international coaches, Weightlifting State Organization committee members, club owners, and engaged athletes. I believe we captured a strong representation of our membership and I trust that this council will be strong representatives for the community.”

Masters Council

At Large Reps:

Melissa Doherty, Eugene, OR

Aimee Everett, Terrebonne, OR

Tom Sroka, Wendell, NC

Robert Takano,  Simi Valley, CA

Athlete Reps:

Gwen Chamberlin, Chicago, IL

Carlos Hernandez, Reno, NV

Mira Kwon Gracia, Portland, OR