USAW Announces Masters Triple Crown

COLORADO SPRINGS - Following the recommendation of USA Weightlifting’s Masters Community Task Force to develop an award system that highlights the achievements of masters athletes, USAW is pleased to introduce the Masters Triple Crown award - a unique weightlifting belt designed by 2Pood.


The Masters Triple Crown will be awarded annually to USAW masters members who win their age and bodyweight categories at the following combination of events:

  • Masters National Championships
  • North American Open Series 1 or North American Open Series 2
  • North American Open Finals

USAW is awarding Masters Triple Crown belts to athletes who achieved these results in 2023. A special congratulations to Brad Baldwin, Katherine Brown, Kelly Garber, Randal Lewis, and Larisa Miranda for being the inaugural class of Masters Triple Crown winners!

Brad Baldwin, Cincinnati, Ohio - M(50-54) MNC, NAOS1, NAOF

Katherine Brown, Washougal, Washington – W(45-49), MNC, NAOS2, NAOF

Kelly Garber, Gulfport, Florida – W(60-64),  MNC, NAOS1, NAOS2, NAOF 

Randal Lewis, Grand Blanc, Michigan – M(60-63), MNC, NAOS1, NAOF

Larisa Miranda, Paso Robles, California - W(55-59), MNC, NAOS2, NAOF

For those hoping to compete for the 2024 Masters Triple Crown, registration is open for the Masters National Championships (March 21-24 in Reno, Nevada), North American Open Series 2 (Aug. 29-Sept. 1 in Fort Worth, Texas) and North American Open Finals (Dec. 5-8 in Tucson, Arizona).

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