Masters Survey Results Announced

COLORADO SPRINGS - USA Weightlifting today released a final summary report from its Masters Community Task Force following the months-long process of collecting and reviewing feedback from the USAW masters community. The task force of Aaron Bass, Christina Brockington, Robert Gallup, Lauren Hatmaker, Neil Kanterman, Anna Martin, and Kurt Roderick was supported by USAW Director of Sport Development JP Nicoletta and USAW Board Liaison Michael Choi. The survey, created and analyzed by this group, received over 1,200 responses from Oct. 17-Nov. 17, 2023. The results summary was prepared for and shared with the USAW Board of Directors; USAW CEO Matt Sicchio; and the USAW national office. The full report is available here and on USA Weightlifting’s website under the “Masters” section.

USAW will use the survey results and task force recommendations to help determine how the organization can best serve the masters community through programming, events, and communications. In the short term, USAW has prioritized and committed to the following:

  • The election of a new seven-member masters committee to advise the national office on an ongoing basis, with the election to be timed in conjunction with USAW’s Masters National Championships (with digital voting so event attendance is not required to vote).
  • Masters National Championships will remain its own separate national event, with the consideration of moving future iterations of the event to a later date in the calendar year.
  • The development of a masters-specific award based on masters athletes’ competition results. Details around this award will be announced in the near future.
  • Supporting opportunities for international competition, including through the UMWF.

In a joint statement, the Masters Task Force said the following:

"The Masters Task Force was honored to listen to our community. We hope that what we learned will lead to an improved experience for masters athletes, and for the whole of USA Weightlifting."

“Thank you to the members of our Masters Task Force for your incredible work these past few months connecting with our Masters community and compiling all of their feedback,” USA Weightlifting CEO & President Matt Sicchio said. “We greatly appreciate your commitment to USA Weightlifting and the masters weightlifting community. To our masters members, I extend a sincere thank you to everyone who shared their open and honest feedback with us. We are committed to the masters community and are excited to work with your recommendations and feedback to further strengthen and grow the sport of weightlifting.”

Survey highlights:

  • Of the 1,218 responses, masters ages 35-39 and 40-44 collectively represented 40% of the population with 482 responses. Masters ages 45-49 and 50-54 collectively represented 26% at 319 responses.
  • The question of “What are Your Primary Goals in Weightlifting?” resulted in strong common denominators for most respondents. Competing in Local or National Competitions (988 selections), Improving Strength and Technique (979 selections), and Staying Fit and Healthy (969 selections).
  • With the question of “What Aspects of Competing as a Masters Lifter do you find most valuable?” respondents most commonly selected Belonging to the Larger USAW Community (717 selections), and Masters Only Competition (659 selections).
  • 75% of all respondents (869) are either not aware or unsure if they are aware of the eligibility criteria for Masters Leadership roles. To address this, USAW is committed  to better informing the masters community of leadership opportunities.
  • Masters athletes want more support from USAW in areas that are within USAW’s control. For example, the Task Force recommends developing creative solutions so that athletes from youth levels to masters are included in similar perks provided by sponsors.
  • Athletes that are eligible for international competition want to ensure their preparation and commitment is rewarded with viable and meaningful events. While the UMWF continues to grow and increase competition opportunities, continued efforts to work with the International Masters Weightlifting Association (IMWA) were recommended.

Questions regarding the survey and Masters Weightlifting can be sent to the USAW national office at