Calicure Joins USA Weightlifting as the Official Handcare Sponsor

by USA Weightlifting

Calicure (Photo by USA Weightlifting)

USA Weightlifting is excited to announce Calicure as the newest Podium level partner to join the Strongest Team in the USA! “To say that we are extremely excited to be chosen as ‘The Official Hand Care sponsor for USA Weightlifting’ would be an understatement. We feel that it is truly an honor to partner with such a worldwide respected organization. We look forward to providing the USAW community the absolute best and safest callus care product on the market.” says Chris Vignaud Founder & CCO (Chief Callus Officer) of Calicure. 

As the Official Hand Care sponsor Calicure will support Team USA through the supply of their ergonomically designed callus remover. The cylindrical shape allows for athletes to easily grip and use the tool to keep their calluses and hands competition ready. This innovative hand file prevents rips and tears so that athletes can spend more time focused on training and less time worrying about tears. 

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About Calicure:

The CALICURE was invented for one simple PREVENT calluses from rips and tears. As a new Crossfitter, I quickly realized the importance of proper hand care. With 20+ years experience as a Medical Surgical nurse, I have witnessed first hand all sorts of wounds and treatment options. However, using sizzors, razors or your teeth are NOT the proper tools to use on your hands.

You NEED a SAFE and SIMPLE tool to properly manage your calluses thus PREVENTING RIPS while REDUCING risk for infection and cross-contamination.

The CALICURE hand file allows you to SAFELY remove excess skin build up (aka your calluses) without removing too much (finding that sweet spot!) leaving behind HEALTHY SMOOTH hands.

About USA Weightlifting:

The mission of USA Weightlifting is to support United States athletes in achieving excellence in Olympic and world competition, and to support, promote and educate a diverse and inclusive community of weightlifting and the use of the barbell in the United States.

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