Club information

This information is here to help you with any questions relating to clubs. If you do not see the answers you are looking for below please contact USAW.

Starting a Club

  1. Log into your membership profile in BARS and on the left hand side, click "Add Club"Log into your membership profile
  2. Please note that all Club Admins, must be current and a club must have a certified USA Weightlifting Certified Coach with a current background screening. Click here for details about how to become a coach.

Athlete Registration with your club

  1. Athletes that are not currently affiliated with a club can affiliate by logging into
    BARS, and select your membership profile. Then, click on the green current button, then next, then select your club. Save your profile and you are now attached to a club. 
  2. Athletes that are currently affiliated to a club can change club affiliation by using the transfer button on their profile in BARS. An email will be sent to both the outgoing and new Club Admins, requesting the transfer approval. This transfer will remain in a pending status until BOTH parties approve or deny. 

Insurance-Click here for more information

Changing & Adding ALL Club Information

  1. Changing the location or president/coach information - You can change all club information on your club's membership page through the membership system. Any Club Admin may log in and change that information.
  2. Changing ownership of the club - Club Directors can pass ownership of the club to another USAW member and must submit a request to the National Office. All current club members must be told about the transfer. If club members would like to change their club affiliation to one other than the current club, they must refer to this page.

Marketing & Fundraising -Click here for more information.

Club BannersClub Banners and Event Signage: Click Here for more information 

Club Benefits -For all discounts/rebates, please contact USAW.


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