Olympic Team Named for Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

by USA Weightlifting

Tokyo 2020 Banner (Photo by USA Weightlifting)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (May 19, 2021) -- USA Weightlifting today proudly announces its nominees for the Olympic Team for the upcoming Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. 


Buoyed by historically strong athletes and a changing landscape in the sport, Team USA Weightlifting has the opportunity to win multiple medals and have its most successful Olympic Games in generations


USA Weightlifting will send a full team to Tokyo consisting of eight athletes, four men and four women.


In sending our largest team since 1996, Team USA has already made history,” USA Weightlifting CEO Phil Andrews said. “These 8 athletes have proven their resilience continue to train throughout the year delay, our job now is to give them unrelenting support as they look to deliver each of their Olympic moments in Tokyo, en route to potentially our best Olympic Games in 61 years.


Nominated to the United States Olympic Team




Athlete – Bodyweight – Hometown

  • Jourdan Delacruz – 49kg (108lbs) – Wylie, TX
  • Katherine “Kate” Nye – 76kg (167lbs) – Oakland Township, MI

  • Martha “Mattie” Rogers – 87kg (192lbs) – Apopka, FL

  • Sarah Robles – +87kg (+192lbs) – Desert Hot Springs, CA




Athlete – Bodyweight – Hometown

  • Clarence “CJ” Cummings, Jr. – 73kg (161lbs) – Beaufort, SC
  • Harrison Maurus – 81kg (179lbs) – Auburn, WA
  • Wesley “Wes” Kitts – 109kg (240lbs) – Knoxville, TN

  • Caine Wilkes – +109kg (+240lbs) – Matthews, NC

To prepare for the upcoming Olympic Games, Team USA Weightlifting will travel to Honolulu, Hawaii for a pre-Games training camp. The USAW Hawaii Strong Camp, powered by NBH Bank, will give athletes and their coaches the chance to train in a COVID-19 secure bubble with world-class support staff as well as giving friends and family the chance to be together to support the athletes.


As is standard procedure, USA Weightlifting will submit its Olympic Team nominations to the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee the Olympic Qualification Period concludes on May 31, 2021. We do not anticipate any changes to our Olympic Games roster as it is announced today.

Meet Team USA Weightlifting

Jourdan Delacruz (Photo by USA Weightlifting)

Jourdan Delacruz

"Even though I’ve represented Team USA quite a bit, it’s still very humbling and such an honor at any level, even at junior competitions or world championshipsRepresenting Team USA at the Olympics is going to be such an honor. It feels like all thhard work and sacrifice being wrapped up with a little bow.”

Kate Nye (Photo by USA Weightlifting)

“I don’t think you can excel at anything without being emotionally invested in it. I’m not just emotionally invested in weightlifting, it’s my life. It’s my purpose, and everything I’m doing is to ensure I’m the best lifter I can be.”

Mattie Rogers (Photo by USA Weightlifting)

“I’ve been working and trying for so long, and I was so close to the last Olympics. I sat in the stands and watched my session in Rio and that really fueled my fire. I’ve worked every day since towards this goal. To be named an Olympian is a dream come true.”


Sarah Robles (Photo by USA Weightlifting)

Sarah Robles

“I want to win another medal at the Olympic Games, that’ll make me the first American woman to have done so. I come from a very patriotic family. I love the United States and the things that it stands for so I’d be remiss not to take every opportunity there is to represent my country.”

CJ Cummings (Photo by USA Weightlifting)

“I’m from a small town where there’s barely any opportunity, so this opportunity for exposure and to go represent my country at the Olympics is a huge honor, not only for me but for my family, country and small town.”

Harrison Maurus (Photo by USA Weightlifting)

“I think it’s every athlete’s dream to represent their country. I’ve put a lot of time into this, almost nine years working in this sport. Being named to the Olympic team is validating all the work that I’ve done and things I’ve accomplished to reach this ultimate goal.”


Wes Kitts (Photo by USA Weightlifting)

Wes Kitts

“It wasn’t until after qualification for the Olympics in 2016 that I it dawned on me that I even had the potential to go to the Olympics. I moved out to California to pursue weightlifting. Being a part of Team USA is a huge honor, and I’m in amazing company. It’s what we’re all doing this for.” 

Caine Wilkes (Photo by USA Weightlifting)

“Representing the US and experience weightlifting at the Olympics isn’t something that most people can do so I’m proud to wear the colors and be that person and doing the best for my team and family with this Olympic berth.”

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